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How to be a Networker?

Well, Lets say that most of the People have wrong concept of Who is A network Engineer and whose not,in Order to Clarify this Vague concept among people and also to answer the question that almost Most students or young Engineers ask them selves “How to be a Networker ?”, I will First Define who is A newtork Engineer.

A Network Engineer is A Guy who takes the best of both worlds (Communications and Computer Science) and merge them into one to get into the “Communter Science ” world 😀 ,so A Network Engineer is like a federal spy, he can get into a room full of aliens and never be exposed, also most people think that some Certifications will make you a network Engineer that easily, well I admit that certifications give you quite a good understanding of IT stuff but not Engineering stuff, anyway lets get to the second Question already.

To be a networker, you have to first categorize which network of networks you want to belong to for ex: computer Networks ? , telecommunication Networks or Just Social Networks 😀 .. , I hope you get what I mean 😀 , After you Have decided, you can now dive deep and Put on your seat built to the most adventures trip in your life.